About Our Space


Unplug & recharge with us across 9 beautiful acres in Coachella Valley, CA! We are just 45 minutes from the Palm Springs Airport! This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE Glamping Retreat. "Glamping" is what us Goddesses do when we are connecting with our Mother Earth.


Why We Glamp

Since the beginning of time, our ancestors came into contact with the earth's surface daily.

Today, in our industrialized world, we can go days, weeks, or even longer without coming in contact with the surface of the earth itself. Being cooped up in our homes or offices, spending more time indoors consuming technology, and wearing rubber-soled shoes ensures that our bodies never get that intimate grounding barefoot connection. We rarely experience earthing/grounding benefits… we rarely touch the ground, or a tree, rarely touching the source that creates every cell in our bodies.


Scientists are discovering that this lack of earthing/grounding is having a huge impact on our health. There is overwhelming research that shows the impressive benefits the earth’s electromagnetic surface has on the human body, especially through a barefoot grounding connection with the earth. We may not realize this, but the human body is highly conductive. We, like the earth, are running on electromagnetic energy. Take this time to ground yourselves and recharge, ladies!  


*Glamping tents will be available for those that can not bring their own. Don't forget your sleeping bag!*

Though most tickets will be camping, there are a limited amount of Main House Lodging tickets, which will provide you a shared room and bed, old school camping style like the picture above, and a bathroom in the main house. Availability for Main House Lodging is first come first serve basis. 





Our Space

Check out our space as we are setting up for the arrival of our Queens!